Monday, July 24, 2017


Wow! Angel Locsin Did This To 'It's Showtime' Stage During Commercial Break!

Angel Locsin cleaned the stage of its showtime

Angel Locsin proved that she is an angel sent from above. Angel captivates everyone not just by her physical appearance but also because of her heart in serving the people.

There was a time where many was astonished with her bravery when she went to Marawi to help those who were caught in the siege. She also gave relief goods and school supplies personally to the affected families. Miss Locsin became a guest to one of 'It's Showtime's segment called 'Trabahula' wherein she won as she perfectly guessed everything right. However, to their surprise, instead of Angel taking home the prize, she divided them and gave them to the 4 contestant.

Angel's humility did not stop there. There was a video of Miss Locsin circulating on social media wherein she is seen cleaning off the confetti at the stage of It's Showtime during the commercial break. Netizens are in awe of her being neat and organized no just with her things but also in everything that she do no matter where she is. Even if she is on camera or off camera, there is always a proof that Angel Locsin is an admirable woman.

The video that was uploaded on Facebook garnered 404,000 views and 16,000 likes! Watch the video of the lovely Angel Locsin cleaning the stage!

What do you think of Angel's gesture during the commercial break? Share your thoughts with us!
Source: Facebook

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